Saturday, 11 October 2014

New and improved, just what the readers asked for!!!

NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!
Featuring an enhanced edit, new book cover and the addition of 47 photographs from our Australian Adventures this new edition is proving very popular. 

Readers of the new edition are saying:
"Loved the descriptions of the places they lived, but to see the photo's was amazing!"

"I must visit Australia. I never realised how beautiful the desert could be."

Glass Half Full: Our Australian Adventure 

Meet my family and put faces to the characters that make up our story. Enjoy the stunning Australian Outback as we live, take road trips and experience a new life Downunder.

Kings Canyon, NT

Rainbow Valley, NT

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This has been such an exciting project and there are a few more surprises on the way over the coming months for readers - so watch this space.
Have a a great weekend everyone,

Sarah Jane

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