Sunday, 17 April 2016

Prunes for Breakfast is seeking an ACX narrator! #RPBP


As audiobooks increase in popularity authors who want to keep their fans happy are required to explore, develop and produce high quality access to this format of book content delivery. It may sound simple enough, but there is more to it than finding someone to read your book aloud whilst recording it. Firstly, as an author you have to actually match the right narrator with the books content. 
On ACX authors can drill down using the search criteria to make their book open to auditions based on not only language and dialect but also gender, age and preferred style, such as formal, funny, inspirational, etc.

Author John Searancke is taking his recent release Prunes for Breakfast, a WW2 personal memoir, on the audiobook journey and is looking for a suitable narrator on ACX. 
He is looking for an adult male, using a British General dialect with an articulate voice.

ACX narrators can find the audition script here:

If you know a narrator that fits the bill please forward this blog post.

I wish John all the best for his new venture.
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Prunes for Breakfast is now available on expanded distribution at all good bookstores in ebook and paperback format.
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