Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The next stop for The Nomadic Nurse Series #RPBP


As the pre-order launch of Bedpans to Boardrooms gets underway I must first apologise for the delay in bringing the second book in this series to my loyal followers. Those of you who also read my travel memoirs or are followers on my personal mailing list will know that my 4 children and 3 step-children are rapidly adding to the population as a further 3 grandchildren are expected over the coming months to add to our existing one! My family are the centre of my world and finding the work life balance can be tricky so I had added in a pre-order cushion period in case my time frames get pushed back, but I actually hope to be bringing the launch date forward!

In book one the scene was set when, as a sixteen year old slightly old-fashioned country girl, I found myself on a pre-nursing course at Ipswich College. This book has been my most successful today wining book industry awards for comedy, writing and excellence in story-telling.

*****Award Winning Nurse Memoir***** 

I am not sure what Florence Nightingale would have made of Sarah Jane! The story starts with a sixteen-year-old country girl who, for no apparent reason at the time, suddenly decided that she wanted to be a nurse. Sarah Jane was entering adulthood with no obvious career path in sight. She had planned a traditional, some would say old fashioned, future. Her vision was to leave school, find a job in a local store, get married and eventually have children. Then everything changed, as she embarked on a journey which would help to map out her future by offering opportunities in a variety of places and health care settings. Find out how Sarah Jane deals with births, deaths and everything in between with laughter, tears and humility in this touching, sometimes heartrending, superbly written memoir. ‘Ooh Matron!’ is the first book in The Nomadic Nurse Series. Each book in the series takes you on a journey through medical specialisms and environments that formed part of Sarah Jane’s nursing career. Throughout the series Sarah Jane uses her trademark honest and entertaining writing style to share insights into her thoughts, reflections and the changes in her personal life and circumstances as she moves forward in her career.

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Bedpans To Boardrooms follows Sarah Jane's story as she endeavours to juggle being a Registered General Nurse, wife and new mum to two babies in quick succession. Her nursing career deviates off course into the aged care sector to accommodate her personal life and this tests her in a variety of ways. As Sarah Jane struggles to accept her new reality, career and personal sacrifices have to be made. It's a journey that sees Sarah Jane dealing with childbirth, bereavement, divorce and miscarriage in her personal life, whilst managing to use her new nursing qualification to take her from washing bedpans as a care assistant to sitting in the boardroom of a national nursing home group. As usual it's a roller-coaster ride that you do not want to miss as we find out more about aged care working practises, occupational therapy, community support and how aged care staff have to be highly skilled professionals to deal with the many and varied situations they find themselves in.
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