Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Sneak peek! A mother's nightmare relived

A mother's nightmare relived in Chapter 12 of Glass Half Full.

'The surgeon and his entourage of medical students walked in, and began chatting. I walked to the door to see if the nurse was on her way with the dressing trolley. As I turned to look at Jaime, I saw the surgeon reach for the wound packing; it was as if I was behind glass, unable to be heard. 

I was shouting, “Stop no! Please God no!”

Instead of waiting for the nurse to return, with the saline to soak the gauze pack before removal, the wound packing was yanked out.

Jaime hysterical and uncontrollable leapt off the bed, blood spurting from the ripped out IV cannula site. As I reached her, she was curling up in the foetal position on the floor, shaking and screaming. Blood and serous fluid leaked down her leg from where the gauze pack had been removed. The surgical team made a hasty exit, shouting orders for pain relief and assistance, whilst the nurses rushed in around us. I cradled Jaime in my arms, rocking her as if she were a baby until they came with a morphine injection.  I could not let anyone else near her. When the injection started to take some effect, alone I gently lifted Jaime onto the bed. I laid beside her, holding tight, I never wanted to let her go again.'