Friday, 27 September 2013

Almost there!!!

I am nearly there, I only have one chapter left to load onto authonomy, then my book will be complete. So back to the final edit and read through of chapter 20 -The Boomerang Effect.

Friday, 20 September 2013

To load or not to load this is the question?

 Should I load my complete novel onto authonomy? Will it help or hinder my publishing future?

After loading the latest chapter of our Australian adventure onto authonomy yesterday, it has been pointed out to me that its decision time, in the authonomy world.

Do I load all of the remaining chapters, detailed below?

There appears to be mixed views on this, therefore I would appreciate your views.

Glass Half Full - chapters as yet unavailable on authonomy.

17. The retrieval of 'Itchy feet!'
18. Restarting our Australian adventure
19. Christmas Tasmanian style
20. Home sick, it's decision time
21. The boomerang effect

I look forward to hearing your views :)