Thursday, 22 September 2016

Exciting Movie Contract News for Rukia Publishing Featured Author 'Young' #RPBP

A Harem Boy’s Saga series - A Film Contract has been secured with an independent UK Producer, operating in Hollywood. We took the time to speak with the author, 'Young' about this!

Hello Young, 
Congratulations on the film contract and thank you for speaking to us today.
Many authors dream of securing a movie deal so we really appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences to date in relation to how this came about.

Did you submit your series for a movie deal or were you contacted by the independent company in UK? 

My literary agent (Gilbert Literary Agency) found the UK Producer for me. I signed a film solicitation contract with my agent to find me a movie deal/producer.

The book contract (to find a suitable book publisher) with Gilbert Literary Agency (GLA) was signed prior to the secondary movie solicitation contact. GLA had faith that my books will be picked up by a movie producer before they offered me the film solicitation contract.

Did you turn your book series into a screen play or did you hire someone to do it for you? 

A screenplay (provided by the author) had to be in place before GLA went scouting for a movie producer.

What steps did you take to secure this deal with the film company?

It's all done through GLA. My agent offered me a separate film option agreement contract with GLA, producer and me.

Did you employ legal representation or is your publisher representing you?

GLA is representing me.

Has the announcement that your series is being turned into a movie helped your book sales at all?

Not at the moment but it help to get the news out to the public. Until the film's release, I still have to do my book promotions/marketing - like other authors.

Do you have the final say before the movie is released? How much are you involved in the making of the movie? Story line? Actor vs character representation?

That depends if the producer hires me to be a consultant.

When can we expect to see this in film?

I don't know at this juncture. Maybe in the next year or two.

Will there be a movie premiere?

Of course! Goes without saying.

In addition, please tell us anything else that may accompany the movie deal.

My contract with the UK producer is a film option contract. If the movie is successful, a TV mini series may be considered. If A Harem Boy's Saga project is really successful, I would like to see it adapted into a Broadway or West End stage musical. That's my ultimate goal for my memoir series.

Young, we are loving the series at Rukia Publishing and promoting it with you is a pleasure as always. Thank you for talking to us today and be sure to keep our readers updated on the progress of this project. 

To find out more about Young and his books visit his Meet the Author page and Book Showcase at Rukia Publishing.
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Thanks for reading,
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