Sunday, 20 July 2014

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Authors - Tips from the backroom

If you are anything like me, when I started my writing journey I did not fully comprehend the 

enormity of the marketing task ahead of me. The learning curve to even become self-published 

is huge, but that is just the first step on the road to getting your books in front of readers and 

in turn reviewers. 

I am a member of a group called The Booktrap. A group of authors who support and help each 

other to promote their work while allowing readers to access to a variety of great books. 

Paula Shene is a valued member of this group and she has started a series of blog posts which 

I think authors of all genre's will find interesting and informative.

Here is the first one, be sure to leave Paula a comment on here and/or on the Booktrap blog. It is really helpful if you share the blog post on Twitter and Facebook to help others access this information.

Thank you Paula for sharing your blog posts with us.