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#newrelease update Juliet B Madison's Best Served Cold is gathering early reviews

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Juliet B Madison was recently a guest on the Rukia Publishing  meet the author feature, which detailed her upcoming new release Best Served Cold, part of the DI Lyle series.
Juliet utilised the Rukia free book review service and here it is:

A must read for readers of police procedural novels,

This is the first book in the DI Lyle series that I have read. Although it is obvious that there are existing relationships and idiosyncrasies between the characters and their roles that influence the way the story develops, it was easy to read this as a standalone book. There was no sense of lacking the background knowledge in order to understand or enjoy the storyline. The author achieves this with her skilled and very individual style of writing which develops the plot and the characters with ease .
Best Served Cold has some very dark undercurrents written into the well developed plot twists as Juliet B Madison dares to address very controversial subject matter. The mysterious murder of a city councillor puts DI Frank Lyle and his team into action. However, this is just as he discovers that a past adversary, Bob Kenyon a murderer and pedophile, has escaped and is once again a risk to society. However, DI Lyle works his team tirelessly and methodically to ensure justice for the victims and their families.
I would recommend this book, and the series, to any readers who enjoy crime mysteries or police procedural based novels. Juliet B. Madison’s books have a huge appeal to readers of this genre largely due to her detailed and exhaustive research which shines through. Highly recommended.

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