Friday, 28 November 2014

ChromoZone - The Sinister Series by P D Roberts - an epic survival story #RPBP #zombie #readers

Welcome to another update on a fellow author and good friend P.D Roberts :)

Regular readers of my blog may remember that I featured Paul Roberts in March this year when he published his debut novel 'Toby Ripwood in The Dark Sphere Enigma.'

Since then Paul has been working away writing and creating his latest series of books, The Sinister Series Chromozone.

Here's a link to the book trailer:

Here is the synopsis:

Part 1
ChromoZone - The Sinister Series new to the zombie horror franchise, is an epic survival story, but with a completely new twist. Broken down into short six chapter books, these are guaranteed to have you hooked and on the edge of your seat. Sara Greene, a mother of one, is caught up in a battle of life and death when a catastrophic outbreak is unleashed upon the UK. Soon after she receives a strange phone call from her husband Mark, instructing her to get somewhere safe. She frantically races to get to the safety of her parents home with her seven year old deaf son in arms. With the infection spreading faster than it can be contained, Sara struggles to keep herself and her beloved child alive whilst fending off rabid disfigured people. Seeking shelter, she is forced to join a group of people equally confused and just as panicked as her. They are all thrown into unfamiliar territory without any knowledge of what is happening. They have just one plan - to stay alive.

Part 1 UK Price – Free everywhere ( except Amazon )
Part 1 US Price – Free everywhere ( except Amazon )

Here is the synopsis:
Part 2
The drama continues for Sara and her new found allies as they face an even more horrendous situation than before. After they had to abruptly leave their last place of shelter, they are outside in the thick of it. They have to walk amongst the devastation, hoping that they have it in them to survive. People seem to be turning into the undead quicker than they first realised. They soon discover that it isn’t just the risen dead that are a threat as they run into a situation that threatens their plan. Sara, still adamant on finding her husband, doesn’t let anything or anyone stop her. She is more determined than ever to reunite her son and his father. As she reaches the hospital, nothing can prepare her for what awaits her there. Is Mark there? And will she even be able to make it out? Find out in the second instalment of The Sinister Series, more nail biting and even more terrifying than the last. It is guaranteed to have you both anxious, yet eager to turn the page.

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ChromoZone Part 2
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Here are some of the early reviews:
  1. Part 1 Review Amazon UK 5/5 stars

From one of the most dedicated and imaginative emerging indie writers, P.D. Roberts, ChromoZone is a brilliant addition to the endlessly-popular zombie genre. Serving as the ‘pilot’ novella to an ongoing series, ChromoZone: Part One certainly packs a punch with both its delivery and its ending, leaving the middle to explore new characters, human interaction and drama. The tension is wall-thick and the atmosphere foreboding, as a band of survivors, forced into a situation together whilst the undead terrorise the living, where they must decide their next move – which will ultimately involve surfacing from a secure underground hiding place. The pace here is steady, as the tension mounts up ready for the third act, and the characters’ motivations, actions and dialogue are the real plot-drivers. I can’t wait to sink my teeth into the next instalment of this promising franchise.

  1. Part 1 Review Google Play Store  4/5 stars

Zombies! Good read. Not heavy. Nice for 5 minute breaks from work.

  1. Part 1 Review ibooks 5/5 stars

It was well worth the free download. Chromozone is a great dialogue driven steady paced horror story and it is pulled off well and very intense at times when it needs to be. It is extremely detailed on the gore factor something people might not like, but its horror and I did. It’s written like a film that the author pictures in his head. It’s well paced, scary and gory yet it doesn’t hide the fact that the author clearly cares about these characters. I’m certainly looking forward to Part 2 of the series and I hope it continues to surprise me.

With part 1 FREE why not take a look and be sure to leave a review for Paul.

Paul, I wish you every success with this new series and be sure to pop back and update us when the next edition is released.

Have a great weekend everyone,

Sarah Jane