Thursday, 9 April 2015

What's for dinner Mum? #RPBP

What's for dinner Mum?

At the end of a busy day when you haven't defrosted anything or been to the supermarket do you ever open the fridge door and look inside thinking what shall I make for dinner tonight?

It was this inventive, some may say innovative thought process and survival style that we adopted during our frugal summer in Charente. However, it was not a question of opening the fridge door and thinking what shall we eat, but stepping out of the back door into the garden and looking at the veggies growing and choosing either the most plentiful or the ones that needed to be used to prevent it going to waste. It was from this 'eat what needs to be eaten' mentality that some experimental recipes which are never to be repeated, evolved. Obviously these less successful recipes never made their way into my culinary memoir, the worst one being my radish curry recipe!!
As I respond to emails and messages from readers who are preparing and planting their gardens ready for a fruitful summer of abundance, but who want tips on avoiding waste, I remembered that the beneficiaries of my experimentation. These were the dogs, ducks, chickens and my compost bin because between them my cooking disasters were conveniently disposed of!

I would love to hear about your creative recipes that need never to be repeated.

So, what will we eat tonight?

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