Sunday, 14 June 2015

We live in a multi-tasking society, who has time to read a book? #RPBP

Hello everyone and happy Sunday!

Recently I have been consulting with authors about perceived seasonal fluctuations in book sales. Some of topic's we discussed were:
Does it occur across all genres? 
Are free & 99c promotions helpful or viable during a 'seasonal' slowdown?
Are the fluctuations worldwide, and if not have we made plans and do we have the resources to sell in other markets?
The ebook marketplaces can appear to be like shifting sands, always changing. This is true of many things in life, nothing stays the same. however, an interesting point was made about how readers may perceive themselves as not having enough time to read. Is this true?
Let's look at the progression of books, from paperback to ebooks/digital format. This enabled  many more people to read on the move while commuting, holidaying, etc., without having to carry heavy or multiple books. This is certainly one reason why I first became a Kindle owner. for a two-week beach holiday with a restricted luggage allowance knowing I would need at least 4 - 5 books! Therefore, now that iPhones, iPads, tablets, etc., are items which many people carry every day regardless of whether or not they intend to read a book, and allow their owners to listen to music, etc., the next progression for authors is simple to spot. Audiobooks!
I would appreciate your opinions on the questions at the beginning of this post and also on this: should all books be available as audiobooks or are there some genre's, topics, etc., that would not fit well into this medium?

I look forward to your feedback and when I do the follow up on this piece on my Rukia Publishing blog in a few weeks time, if I use or refer to your comment I will also add a byline to your book or website as a thank you.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your comments/feedback, because the sharing of information helps all authors to provide a better service to readers.

Sarah Jane