Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Who does this for donkeys? #RPBP

Who does a skydive

for donkeys?

Alan Parks - author of Seriously Mum Where's That Donkey?

Next Sunday 21st June Alan will be at The Llama Park in East Sussex! 
Come and meet some alpacas, have a chat and bag yourself a signed book!
He would love to see you!


Did you know that you can get the donkey book FREE right now?


Seriously Mum, What's an Alpaca? (Book 1, Seriously Mum series) is available to download for only $2.99 through 18th June! 
"Seriously Mum, Where's that Donkey?" is Alan Parks' follow-up book to "Seriously Mum, What's an Alpaca?" This book continues the story of Alan and Lorna's induction into Andalucian life and fills in some of the blanks. 
In this book, Alan and Lorna discover that their local town is not quite as sleepy as they had first imagined and that the local ladies will stand by you once their friendship is won. 
Alan and Lorna make some great new friends and have a few more unexpected adventures along the way. Add an appearance on Canadian TV into the mix, plus the trials and tribulations of alpaca farming, and this sequel will bring you bang up to date with the lives of two British expats in rural Spain. 

Also available to download for free - Seriously Mum, Where's that Donkey? The Photo

To find out more about what Alan is up to or to support him via his Justgiving page check out the links below

Good luck Alan :)