Sunday, 26 June 2016

Excess & Leftovers! #RPBP #ASMSG #WLM

Welcome to the final feature in our June celebration of Our Frugal Summer in Charente. 

Life, work and family events sometimes mean that the rearrangement of my working schedule is necessary in order to ensure that I can fulfil my roles as wife, mother, stepmother and authorpreneur (to name but a few!) 

The last two weeks have been hectic, emotional, exhilarating and so much more... but that's another story (watch this space!) - Today we are back in the kitchen garden, so let's begin...

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Part 3: Excess!

When you grow your own vegetables one thing you can almost guarantee during the summer is that at some stage you will experience a 'glut' of produce. This means that you have to quickly find ways to eat and/or preserve it to avoid waste. When you are living a frugal lifestyle, for whatever reason, waste is not an option. Every part of everything you grow or buy needs to be used, eaten or recycled.
When our zucchini's (courgettes) became a glut of enormous marrows some creativity was needed and we ended up with chutneys, pickles and of course the infamous marrow rum. Which was amazing!!
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Part 4: Leftovers!

Frugal cooking involves not only the frugal use of the ingredients and the cooking resources, such as gas and electricity, but also frugal management of portion sizes and leftovers. 
As a big family of food lovers we had never had a problem with leftovers before because between them Nigel and the kids cleared everything at every meal. In France when we became a smaller family unit of 3 (sometimes 2) the leftovers needed a little more thought and consideration to avoid waste. I had to call upon my childhood memories to resurrect or reinvent the recipes for bubble & squeak, hash browns and other leftover meal favourites.
This got me thinking - I wonder what everyone else does with their leftovers? And so this weeks competition was born.
Simply post in the comments below or on the Facebook page the name of your favourite leftover dish and if you want to you can share the recipe too!

If the comment you write gets the most likes or shares you will win a digital copy of my travel memoir box set!

Share the love of food and your recipes below

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Have a great weekend and don't forget the We Love Memoirs Summer Fete is on TODAY. Lot's of games, competitions, prizes and so much fun!

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Sarah Jane

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