Thursday, 8 June 2017

Do these books have all the write, I mean right, stuff? #ASMSG #Romance #RPBP

Do you make a buying decision based on the cover design?  
How do you rate a cover?
Color? Imaging? Wording? Overall Design Flow?
Maybe you make a choice based on multiple factors.
Cover, Price, Synopsis, Sample....

If a book has all of these traits, why aren't buying it?

Let's look at some work by Sybil Shae!
According to the rating system I mentioned above, how would you rate these books?

1st up

Timing Is Everything: Origin Of The Journal

cover by Margaret Daly

2nd In Line

Time Will Tell
*Included in The Make Time For Love Box Set

cover by Margaret Daly

Not Available For Individual Purchase At This Time
see Make Time For Love Link Below

Currently in Kindle Unlimited

On The Chopping Block Next...
An Upcoming Clean Romance

Whisper Bay
Oliver & Chloe
The Beginning

Cover by Margaret Daly

Read The IntroWhisper Bay is a series consisting of 3 parts.
This book, part one, contains 3 novelettes.
Expected to publish June 30, 2017.

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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Coping with Fire & Floods with Determination! #RPBP #ASMSG

When tragedy strikes and fire ravages a family home

Author Lisa Kulow flees to a trailer

Then Mother Nature leaves a calling card in the form of floods!

But this is the image that was my 'call to action' to support a fellow author in challenging times.

There are no words just action needed.

Lisa needs to earn money to care for herself, her family and to rebuild their lives.

Why not give her a helping hand by buying a book, they are on sale and every little helps.