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Featured Author for July is Margaret Lynette Sharp

My featured author for July is Margaret Lynette Sharp. 

Australian author Margaret Lynette Sharp spent her early years in an inner city suburb of Sydney, moving with her family to a leafy, outer suburb at the age of ten. Her enthusiasm for literature led to further studies, with a particular focus on Short Story Writing. 
Shortly after the death of her elderly mother whom she cared for, Margaret met and later married Ronald Sharp B.E.M., the creator of the Sydney Opera House Grand Organ. She believes that, without doubt, he is her greatest fan and motivator.Excelling in English himself, Ron has edited her work.
To date, Margaret has ten titles available: 25 Stories of Life and Love in Australia, A Taste of Life and Love in Australia, The Essence of Life and Love in Australia, Reflections of Life and Love in Australia, 60 Questions, Insights and Reminiscences, Long and Short Australian Stories, Encore, Amelia's Call, Michaela Betrayed and Lauren Played. 
Margaret joins us to talk about her new release Love, Desire and Betrayal which is currently only 99c for a three day launch promotion.

Welcome Margaret and thank you for joining us today.
What inspired the title of 'Love, Desire and Betrayal'?
I was sitting by the river with my husband Ron and some friends. We were all talking about this book and what it was about. The title just popped into my head. Although the narratives are quite different, love, desire and betrayal are key elements in all four stories.
Who is your target audience for this book?
This book is written to appeal to different groups of readers, for different reasons. Lovers of romantic stories, lovers of poetic literature, and lovers of true-to-life fiction make up my target readership.
What is the biggest source of inspiration in your writing life?
A tough question! Through a process that defies description, an idea --a situation--appears in my mind. It quite often happens while I'm swimming…
How much real life goes into fiction writing?
I write stories of truth, as distinct from true stories. Characters and situations need to be authentic.
What are some of your favourite lines/quotes from your new release, ‘Love, Desire and Betrayal?’
"Carried away by a wonderful sense of fate favouring us with every blessing, I felt a resurgence of optimism. Life was wonderful... and love the pinnacle of happiness."
"Together we walked along the golden sands-- holding hands and stealing kisses as our emotions surfaced. Twice we ventured into the waves; splashing, playing around like kids. But our behaviour changed to that of adults in love as we warmed ourselves on the shore."
Do you have a favorite time of day for writing and why?
I write in the afternoon. I like to go out and about in the morning: to exercise body and mind, and hopefully refresh my creative energies.
Who is your biggest source of inspiration in your writing life?
My husband Ron. He is the one who encouraged me to write.
If you wrote your autobiography what would the last line be?
Whatever I believed in, I gave to it my all.
Have you received any reviews yet for your new book?
This review was received on Goodreads.
Love, Desire and Betrayal
by Margaret Lynette Sharp (Goodreads Author), Ronald William Sharp (Editor) 

Mark's review
Jun 27, 14

This quartet of character-driven, page-turning romantic novellas by Ms. Sharp is a phenomenal bargain you should seize upon. Three of the four (Michaela Betrayed, Lauren Played and Amelia's Call) have been published previously to considerable acclaim and enthusiastic reviews from prominent bloggers and authors -- and this reviewer as well, so I won't repeat myself, other than just to say that Margaret Sharp writes stirring romance (with completely authentic and believable heroines) in exquisitely poetic, spare, well-crafted prose that makes her work a delight to read. Check out the individual reviews of the included works, but once you've read one, you'll want to read the others (including the particularly riveting one never before published), and you'll save 65% by enjoying all four together in this superlative collection.
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Margaret, thank you for answering my questions, and I would like to wish you every success with your new release.

Sarah Jane

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