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Do you listen to your dreams? It could be a journey of awakening as Susan Joyce explores in The Lullaby Illusion #RPBP

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The Lullaby Illusion details the harrowing personal journey of a young American woman facing seemingly insurmountable situations while living in the Middle East and Europe.
After many miscarriages and the loss of a child in childbirth on the island of Cyprus, Susan seeks solace by creating art and recording her vivid dreams. Through difficult life changes—Cyprus’s bloody coup and war in 1974, a rescue from a sinking ship in the Indian Ocean, learning of her husband’s secret life, and surviving his deadly assault in Belgium, she discovers her “ticking clock” is not the child she fails to produce, but rather her creative potential. Following her vivid dreams and intuition, she successfully reinvents herself as an artist and writer. From beginning to end, Susan Joyce reminds us of the stream of awareness that flows through all of us.

Here is one of the many 5-star reviews
5.0 out of 5 stars Ode to the human spirit 2 Dec. 2013
By Wussyboy
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

This is a wonderful, wonderful memoir - expertly told and with bags of incident and finely judged humour. Ms Joyce has a very vivid dream-life (keeps a dream diary, I do that!) and one night dreams that she was a wild pinto running free across the Arizona desert. Her friend asks if the horse said anything, and Susan quips `Neighed a lot!' I also LOVED the birthday suit episode - won't give too much away, but the `it didn't need much pressing' line had me in fits!
Following a divorce, a series of miscarriages and a tragic still-birth, Ms Joyce realises that having children is not a guarantee of happiness - she achieves new fulfilment as a writer of children's books...inspired by dream visits from a singing elephant. This is no ordinary singing elephant either, it sings in rhyme!
"An elephant won't forget you when you're happy.
An elephant won't forget you when you're sad.
'Cause an elephant knows the secret is remembering it all--
Learning from the good times, and the bad."
One gets the feeling that Ms Joyce has taken this to heart...her story recalls a good and comfortable life suddenly turned bad when the 1974 Cyprus coup forces her out of her paradise home - her "lullaby existence" - and into a hail of flying bullets. And that's just the start of her troubled travels - both in her extended globetrotting in the real world (nearly drowned in the Indian Ocean!) and in the reflective travels of her dream world as she reflects on and learns to overcome each new challenge (including finding out her hubby is a spy!) with both courage and wisdom. `The Lullaby Illusion' is an ode to the human spirit - a testament to a life lived fully and well and made strong by the experience.
Author Susan Joyce
Born in Los Angeles California, Susan Joyce spent most of her childhood in Tucson, Arizona and returned to LA as a young working woman. Inspired as a child by postcards from her globe-trotting great aunt, Susan left the United States at age 20 to see the world.She planned on being gone for a year, but ended up living her 20s and 30s in Europe and the Middle East. As a Jill of all trades, she worked as a secretary, freelance writer, taught computer classes, wrote songs, and became an accomplished artist while writing her first children's book, "Peel, the Extraordinary Elephant." An award winning author and editor of children's books. Susan has just completed a memoir of a twelve year 'roller-coaster' period of her life, titled "The Lullaby Illusion--A Journey of Awakening."

You can read more about Susan in her 'Meet the author' feature here
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