Friday, 29 May 2015

Is your ebook marketing Amazon-centric? #RPBP

Hello everyone,
Today, I would like to introduce you to Graham Downs who is helping authors promote their books with a new twist. I am being featured in Graham's new book promotion venture during my Glass Half Full 99c sale which started yesterday and I think this approach may appeal to many of my author and reader followers who use Smashwords.
I invited Graham to write a guest blog to introduce the concept and I will be following up on this post in the next few weeks. We would love your feedback so feel free to comment, subscribe and share this post to increase exposure.
Have a great day,
Sarah Jane

Welcome Graham :)

Thanks Sarah Jane.

Ever wonder why all the e-book marketing sites out there are so Amazon-centric? Well, me too. Personally, I hardly ever shop on Amazon. I know that many people shop there a lot, but I’m also sure that they’re not everybody’s favourite. That’s the beauty of such a diverse industry – there are many different retailers to choose from, and you should be able to easily get information on books available at whatever store you choose to shop. You know what my favourite e-book retailer is? Smashwords. Why? Well, for one, I really love coupon codes. Entering a coupon code on my order, and watching the price go down, just for me, is such an amazing experience. I truly feel like I’m getting something special, that nobody else knows about! Do you feel the same way? My new e-mail marketing service, Book Coupon News, is all about just that. 
Once per week, you get an e-mail containing up to seven books that are available on Smashwords, along with coupon codes for massive discounts (sometimes up to a hundred percent discount!), so that you too can feel super special when you punch those codes in and watch the price go down. Why not give it a try? Just visit and enter your e-mail address. Follow the instructions in the e-mail you receive from the site, and wait for your extraspecial offers to come rolling in. 
Authors and publishers, it’s still free for a limited time to advertise your books on Book Coupon News. Just head on over to the site, and click the “For Authors and Publishers” link at the top. Readers, authors, and publishers, I hope to see you all soon! 

Graham Downs is a South African Independent Short Fiction author. His flash fiction, short stories, and novelettes range from Fantasy to Horror, to Young Adult to Romantic Suspense and Mystery. They all have one thing in common, though: they’re fiction with feeling! To find out more about Graham and his offerings, visit

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