Thursday, 7 May 2015

It's time for budding authors to make their writing dream a reality #RPBP

Hello everyone,
I know many readers of this blog are aspiring or debut authors. For many, the dream of one day having a book published and available for the reading public to read and buy seems like a fairy-tale that will only come true for others. Well, it's time for your fairy tale ending!
Self-publishing your book is not only achievable, but it is gaining credibility as the quality and content of self-published books continues to gain respect from readers and authors alike.
I know the questions and areas of self-doubt which linger in your thoughts as you ponder the what ifs and could I really do this? I have been there and that's why the new series from Rukia Publishing is here to help you.

What, Why, Where, When, Who & How of Book Promotion Series 

It starts with The Accidental Author (that's me) and it is the introduction to the series and tells you how the series will work.


Book 2 The Amateur Authorpreneur moves the new and aspiring author onto the next level, by helping potential authors to develop an authorpreneur toolkit and a skill-set that will be essential moving forward after taking the plunge and deciding to self-publish. What I think is important in this book is that the basic toolkit and skill-set should ideally be in place before your book launches, which I never knew! If you are already self-published and playing catch up, as I was, then it's not too late. The learning curve is continuous as the markets and goal posts shift to accommodate the needs of readers and authors. Therefore, we are all playing catch-up to a degree so you are in good company.


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If you want to know more or would like to network with other authors starting out on this exciting journey then feel free to connect with myself or any of the Rukia team members on Facebook, Twitter or at our website

Don't feel overwhelmed or daunted by what lies ahead, it's an amazing experience and we will be with you every step of the way.
Keep writing,

Sarah Jane