Tuesday, 2 June 2015

FAN FICTION WRITERS - this is for you! From Juliet B Madison #RPBP


I am looking for dedicated people to write a short story about my Detective MC DI Frank Lyle & the other characters in the DI Frank Lyle Mystery Series.

For those of you who already write fan fiction based on movies and TV shows this should be a cinch.

Even if you have only ever read one DI Lyle book it should provide you with plenty of possible DI Lyle fan fiction scenarios. Any kind of fan fiction is your chance to take the story the way you’d like it to have gone rather than the way it actually turned out.

You can write in American or British English, I don’t mind since it’s the individual’s interpretation of the characters and series story arc that matters, not the writing style. I do however prefer the use of the words post-mortem, as opposed to autopsy, and mortuary rather than morgue as these sound inherently more British. Also CSI is modern terminology. In Britain at the time of the DI Lyle series the term SOCO (Scene of Crime Officer) was in far more commonplace use.

I have already written my own contribution, Sudden Impact, and received two more very wonderful stories. I know that there are more whose arrival in my inbox is fairly imminent. The stories do not have to be police procedural, they can be in any genre you choose, provided they feature DI Frank Lyle series characters. I would especially love to read a DI Lyle goes steam punk story.

The winner of the best story will be announced and the winning story published on my website on July 4th, 3 days after the closing date, as well as being announced on Facebook and Twitter. The winner gets a personally signed DI Frank Lyle series paperback of their choice and a special mention in the completed anthology.

I am putting together this anthology to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support, a charity close to my heart. There are very few of us today whose lives have not been affected, either directly or indirectly by cancer at some point.  You can find out more about this wonderful charity here

If you’re stuck for information or ideas you can visit my crime author site. If you need to ask any questions then you can email me or PM me on Facebook

You can give cameo roles to your partners, kids, friends and other people important to you. It’s your story so enjoy the experience. Don’t forget to include a brief author bio (do not include it in the total word count of the story)

You can read the full details and T&Cs of the competition here

There is also a Facebook event running from now until June 30th 2015, in which you can participate here

You can visit Surveymonkey to take the DI Lyle anthology Survey 

Thank you Juliet, that sounds amazing and we wish you every success with this please come back and let us know how it's going and maybe give us a sneak preview nearer to release day!
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