Saturday, 23 January 2016

Come and join the book club! #RPBP


The Rukia Publishing Book Club launches in February.
We have some great books lined up for our members to read, discuss and comment on.
If you want to get involved subscribe to the book club updates. 

A FREE book each month for Book Club members with a variety of books/genres booked for the coming months.
How it works:

You choose if you are interested in the book of the month, if so you will receive a free copy and during the month we will ask for your feedback.
At the end of the month we ask you to assign a star rating (placing a review is optional, but if you do we will add a byline link for bloggers & authors to your websites/blogs as a thank you when we share the reviews!)
Subscribe now for the updates and news of the first book to be featured in February!