Wednesday, 9 March 2016

4 things you may not know about Rukia Publishing #RPBP

A couple of weeks ago we received an enquiry from an author for some help with book marketing. Like most new authors money was tight and she asked for a guaranteed number of sales before proceeding. After explaining that we give no guarantees I found myself explaining the philosophy behind the services at Rukia Publishing and she kept saying, "Well, I never knew that" and "Really, I didn't know that". After finishing the call I thought to myself, maybe there are other authors and readers who don't know enough about us and so we have compiled the top 4 things you may not know about Rukia Publishing. How many will make you think, "Well, I never knew that"

Top 4 in reverse order:
Number 4:
Did you know that on average 50% of the submissions to the daily Newsletter, RPBP News comes from readers of self-published books? These readers/fans support their favourite authors by letting us know when there are price promotions, new releases, etc circulating on social media so that we can increase exposure to the book and the author.
Readers you can find the submission form here.

Number 3:
The 23 Twitter accounts that make up our daily tweet team has a combined following of over 100K organic followers.

Number 2:
The proceeds from Sarah Jane Butfield's 'The What, Why, Where, When, Who & How Book Promotion Series' goes towards funding the free services for new authors at Rukia Publishing. You can get your copies of these books here.

Number 1:
Rukia Publishing has 29 blog tour partners which has substantially increased our reach across all genres.

There has never been a better time for authors and readers to get involved.
Readers have you joined the Book Club get a free book(s) each month and get involved in the conversation as your reading progresses.

Authors get involved join the blog tour, network with our social media team and find out how increasing your exposure can work for you!

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