Thursday, 16 May 2013

Glass Half Full - behind the scenes

Welcome to the new blog page for Glass Half Full.

I will be posting photographs and background material related to the compilation of Glass Half Full for those of you that are interested.

So to get us started, and sorry kids I know you are all grown up and better looking now, this is one of the last family photographs taken before we left for Australia.( Holly is unfortunately not there due to the circumstances at that time which you can read about in the book)

Is your glass half full or half empty? Life is tough and when you feel like the glass is half empty it’s time for change.
After what felt like a lifetime of adversity including two failed marriages, losing custody of one of my daughters to a philandering freeloader and the death of my mother it was obvious something had to change. I resolved not to waste anymore of my life on people who did not share, respect or appreciate the value of life itself. My new positive approach would help me achieve a good life for myself and my children which we knew we deserved. In 1997 I met Nigel, and together we lived life to the full. Fast forward to 2008 with good times ahead of me my glass was half full, and we made one of the biggest and most difficult decisions of our lives, to immigrate to Australia. We lived the Australian dream and embraced the adventure. Adversity tested us along the way but we stood strong. However losing the roots to our Australian life during the Brisbane floods of January 2011 seemed like a test too far. ‘Glass half full’ tells our story of taking the chance of a new life down-under, achieving it, living it, losing it and finding our way back to what matters most – happiness.