Monday, 10 August 2015

Monday update from Sarah Jane in the world of memoirs! #RPBP

I must be getting old because time seems to be going so fast of late, or is it that my life is just so busy!
August is turning into a busy month in my world of memoirs. The month got underway with the wonderful news that Our Frugal Summer in Charente was voted by readers to be one of the top 50 self-published books of 2015 worth reading. This culinary memoir continues to receive glowing 5-star reviews from readers interested in cooking, frugal living, gardening, France and the continuing story of our family travel adventures. 
Meanwhile I have been working on The Nomadic Nurse Series and I am preparing for the release of the first book in this new series of memoirs based on almost three decades in the nursing profession. Ooh Matron! is on pre-order now at all distributors! Release date 14th September - watch for news of the launch day party!

Sarah Jane has no career aspirations, all she wants is to leave school, work as a cashier at Woolworths and get married. Then everything changes and she finds herself wearing a fluorescent pink uniform and studying to get into Nursing School. What inspired this surprising change of direction? What happens when she leaves home to live in a garrison town with a housemate who is a party animal? The big question being, is she really cut out to be a nurse? 
Let's start at the beginning with Sarah Jane as a sixteen-year-old country girl, a bit old fashioned but who has a mischievous sense of humour and who suddenly decides she wants to be a nurse! 

"This funny, yet poignant nursing memoir has Sarah Jane's trademark honest writing style which shines through in every story she tells. From starting her student nurse training in Essex to coping with patients in happy, sad and heart-breaking situations. It gives you a young woman's view into the realities of entering the world of nursing in the 1980’s. A highly entertaining and informative memoir which was able to take me from laughing out loud to having welled tears of empathy." S. Brewster (Amazon)

All of this book promotion work is in addition to my other newish role as a grandmother (or nanny) to the gorgeous Shane now 10 months old and getting cuter and more mobile by the day.

So without further ado I bid you farewell as I get back to work.

Be sure to pass on my new release news!
Take care and have a great week.
Sarah Jane