Sunday, 18 October 2015

Author John Searancke gives me a new destination for my travel bucket list! #RPBP

Good morning everyone,
I often find that Sunday is the only day I have to clear my desk of my yellow Post-It note reminders! During the week, I work methodically from a range of lists in my diary, either the on-line version or my well-used paper desk diary, yet l still I end up with scruffy notes stuck to the side of my PC or laptop. These reminders crucially do not get thrown away until the task is dealt with. As I started clearing down my notes this morning, acting on them as I went, I saw a note saying load Amazon reviews (a regular Sunday job) and 'check Dog Days review'. I felt sure that I had loaded this review so I struggled to remember the reason for the reminder - this must be an old age thing!

After checking my Amazon account and seeing the review was there I suddenly realised that I hadn't shared the review with anyone, what an idiot I am. So as I head off now to load it onto the Rukia Publishing website, John I apologise for my tardiness, I thought I would also share it with my blog-reading friends here.
Readers, this book is definitely worth a look if you enjoy travel memoirs about real people who have a sense of humour and love dogs!

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From the outset, I was a willing passenger on the journey into a new period in the lives of John and Sally. The eloquent, uncomplicated use of the English language enhanced the descriptive narrative so that I could easily visualise their surroundings and experiences. From the early chapters, I knew that I would need to add a new destination to my travel bucket list! Following their personal journey and decision making felt like a conversation with long-standing friends. Having lived in the West Country I loved their friend Peter and could relate to him from the moment he logged onto his computer, as I still monitor the Looe weather. The escapades with the dogs were excellently portrayed and believable, especially as a dog owner myself. This was a very easy read not because it is short or simple, but because it captivated me from the early chapters and I did not want to leave them in case I missed anything. Highly recommended :) I am now moving on to the authors next book.

Have a great Sunday,
Sarah Jane