Saturday, 19 December 2015

Sarah Jane's Free Book Advent - 19th December 2015 #RPBP

Quote of the day:

“Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas.”
 ~ Peg Bracken

19th December 2015


This third and final volume of "In the Shadow of the Dragon" takes us into the difficulties of the characters. They are definitely wandering on the boulevard of broken dreams. Erwan multiplies several sentimental adventures and exchanges around Scotch whiskey with his friend Rochester, a Quebec native and descendant of the Scottish clan Mac Neil. As cynic as a businessman can be, Rochester doesn’t hesitate to buy textile produced by the prisoners in the Gansu Laogai. He even dares to paraphrase Vespasian: Money has no honor! Mona will know the failure of her police projects and the beginning of her love for Erwan. The winner is the system that will eventually triumph over all these individual plans. Only to come out eventually Cao Yu who prefers a simple and secluded life in a distant province and the end of the problems that have led her to the Gulag, but that is not what she had dreamed about. Cosmos will meet his fate by the hand of a Tiananmen Square hero. All this leaves a bitter taste and makes it more relevant than ever the sentence attributed to Arnaud Amaury during the sack of B├ęziers July 22, 1209, "Kill them all, God knows who the believers are."

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