Sunday, 7 February 2016

Rukia Publishing Recommended Read: Dreams, Visions, Nightmares is on 99c Sale #RPBP

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New Release Dreams, Visions, Nightmares is on 99c Sale

What's in this book?

A collection of eight literary and award-winning Irish short stories, (newly expanded and edited):

Primroses (winner of Cuirt international Literary Award, Galway 2005, published in West 47 magazine and Cuirt Annual 2005) 

Pink Silk (published in Verbal magazine, Derry, 2008) 

Shadows (published in Brazen City, Belfast 2008) 

Giving Up (commended in Se├ín O’Faolain Short Story Competition, Cork 2009; published in Sharp Sticks, Driven Nails, Dublin 2010) 

Slipping (published in Ulla’s Nib magazine, Belfast 2009, winning Star Prize) 

Ballystravey, 1988 (published by Luciole Press, California 2009; shortlisted for Cuirt Award, Galway 2010; published in Crime after Crime anthology, USA) 

Stevie’s Luck (shortlisted for the Brian Moore Award, Belfast, 2008) 

Dark Night (Extended into full length novel, Johnny McClintock’s War – published in 2014)

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