Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Only #99c to take a look at Glass Half Full on its 3rd Bookiversary #RPBP

Humble first edition 2013 by
The Accidental Author Sarah Jane Butfield

2014 Cover Revamp
Glass Half Full becomes book 1 in her award-winning travel memoir series:
Sarah Jane's Travel Memoirs.
Second edition Professional cover, 47 photographs added plus a specialist memoir edit.
In November 2013 I clicked publish on KDP, Smashwords and CreateSpace for the first time. I had no idea what I had started by sharing our personal story of achieving our Australian dream and how it became tested by challenging life events and the Brisbane floods in 2011. The reaction from readers around the world has been inspirational. I thrive on the positivity and I have channelled this to help and encourage other authors to share their stories. Looking back over the last 3 years many people have helped me with advice and support to continually improve Glass Half Full, and interaction with my readers, fellow authors and writing professionals has enhanced not only this book, but all that have followed.

Nigel and Sarah Jane King's Canyon, NT 2008

Glass Half Full

As an expat family arriving in Alice Springs in 2008 we had already been tested by the UK child custody legal system to get the visa we needed. We were in the pursuit of our dream and with the support of our older children we took the first steps towards a new life in Australia. This involved restarting my acute care nursing career for me, private education for Jaime Lee and a new career in security and the Australian prison service for Nigel.

With so much going for us, what could possible go wrong or challenge our dreams?

To read the story behind this small selection of photographs get your copy of Glass Half Full for just 99c/99p and experience our Australian adventure with us. 

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