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Guest author Gus Kenney @LucyBison tells us about his favorite scene from The Changeling And The Cupboard #ASMSG #RPBP #Reading

Today I have a treat for you. I have a guest author that I think you will find to be a very talented author indeed. Here's a little background on this up & coming author!
Gus lives in western New York with his amazing wife and five four legged children. He decided he wanted to be a writer when he realized that he could never be a spy as good as Timothy Dalton's Bond and that Hired Sword was not part of any growth industry. When he is not semi-busy writing, he spends his time pretending he knows what he is doing at a nine-to-five job and the rest of it complaining that it is taking way too long for them to start showing new episodes of his favorite cartoons. If you're bored, or just a creeper, you can check out the insanity that doesn't make it into his books on his social media outlets and read our in depth exclusive interview with him on his Meet The Author Page at Rukia Publishing by clicking here!

Please welcome the author of the new hit series
 The Complications Of Being Lucy, Gus Kenney.
I'm rather new to the whole blogging thing so the idea of having to be guest on someone elses is, well, terrifying. Luckily, I have some good people in my corner and they said to just pick my favorite scene from my book, The Changeling and the Cupboard, and share why or what about it I liked best. I figured self-doubt would have kicked in and have me reading the whole book over and tearing apart each and every line for every flaw and mistake, and coming up with nothing (which would have meant I would be harassing my wife to pick her favorite and using that). But NO, as soon as the question was proposed my mind went to this very scene...

PSST! Lucy.
I threw my feet on the floor and turned to scream at the door to my room. I had heard one of them trying to get my attention in such a pathetic way and was prepared to tell them to leave me alone.
Frankie? It was a mix of shock and anger. I fell back on my bed and pulled my pillow over my face.
I came over to see how you were doing today. His eagerly pleasant voice was like sandpaper on my nerves. So, how are you doing?
I am fine. I didnt want to go into my morning with Frankie. I doubt he would understand what I was feeling. He was overly optimistic. And a boy.
Oh. Okay. Frankie sounded a little hard for words. A brief relief. Its just that it sounded like you were crying and normally people dont do that when they are fine. I could be getting it wrong though. It could just be most people I know dont do that.
No. You got it right. I got up from the bed. I am not fine and I am not normal.
I wiped at my eyes and tottered over to the door. I wasnt sure of the protocol of letting a boy into my room, nor the house policy on it. Considering Frankie was the first person my age ever to step foot inside the house, new rules were probably being written up as we spoke. I started to drag up my manners for company but none of them seemed to apply either. Making the task more difficult was opening my door to find no one there. It wasnt much of a hallway to search so I just called.
Um, I am already in here. Frankie reported nervously behind me. I spun around fast enough to make my hair fly but did not see him.
Where are you? Frankie was having that wonderful effect of irritating me and confusing me all at once.
Promise not to be upset? His voice shrank while I searched the room for him.
You snuck into my room. I had to grit my teeth. Why would I be upset about that?
Because I did so uninvited and without announcing myself. Frankie pretty much defined sneaking with that. Mom always told me I should never do that. It is the sort of thing that leads to deviant behavior later in life.
Like jumping over peoples back fences? I closed my eyes seeing if I could find him like a bat.
Sand of the witch! Do you really think so? If he was not honestly upset now, he was a good faker. I hope its not too late to do better. I only did this to make sure you were okay. I thought it was for the right reasons. But dad always says the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
I wouldnt know much about that! I lunged for my bed skirt and yanked it up. For a split second I saw a head of messy hair and huge glasses, but it vanished in the light. I could have sworn I heard an exclamation of Cap but nothing more. I rocked back onto my heels and waited a few seconds. Frankie?
--ricorn! A voice came from somewhere in my room again.
A knock came upon my door. My closet door. I cautiously walked over to it and turned the knob. A sliver of light spread over my seasonal clothes and those that were for special occasions. Between a purple dress and an undersized snow suit, Frankie frowned at me.
Please dont do that again. He stepped out of my closet and looked around my room.
Dont do what again? I wasnt sure if he heard me as he walked over to my dresser and perused the knick-knacks I had assembled there.
Surprise me like that. Frankie picked up my magnifying glass and looked at me through it. I didnt think his glasses could appear bigger than they already did.
Surprise you? I took the glass from him and he picked up a fossil I had found on a school field trip. You surprised me. What were you doing in my closet?
It was the closest place I could get to. Frankie handed me the fossil and picked up a beaded bookmark my aunt bought me. He twirled it above his head. I was completely fine with staying under your bed until you said it was okay for me to come out.
You were under my bed? I snatched the bookmark away and he turned his focus to my bookshelf. How did I find you in my closet then?
You opened the door when I knocked. He answered directly, without a touch of humor.
How did you get in there? I tried again.
Same way I got under your bed. As Frankie pulled one book after another down and flipped through the pages, I realized he was speaking to me in that completely aggravating way in which he seemed to think I knew exactly what he was talking about. I stepped around him and took all the books from him. He started for my night stand.
Sit on the bed. I ordered. He hesitated for a second before doing what I said. Once I put everything back in its proper place, I sat down next to him. Not right next to him. That would not be proper, or so I had come to understand in my books. Frankie, I have had a really upsetting morning, and I would appreciate it if you didnt mess with things in my room.
Okay. Frankie nodded his shaggy head.
Ever. I emphasized this point, hoping that an opportunity would never present itself again after today.
Ever. Frankie repeated. Whats got you so upset this morning?
You interrupting me, I shouted in my head, and coming over uninvited. This was not entirely true, and I knew it. There was no reason to take out my frustrations on Frankie. He did say he came over to see how I was, which is more than anyone else had ever done for me. I should cut him some slack.
I just found out some disturbing things. A big sigh escaped me and my eyes fell to the carpet as the fresh pain returned. Everything I thought I knew turned out to be a lie. My family. My life. Me. None of it is what it appears.
For once Frankie didnt say anything. His big eyes just stared at me behind his thick lenses while I fought back more tears. I didnt like showing emotions in front of strangers, especially ones that I had thought less of for doing the same. Never mind that Frankie had already heard me crying.
IIm…” I cleared my throat as it became suddenly hard to talk. It had been easy to say it when I was angry, but now being a bit more mentally stable, the words were difficult to come out. I am a Changeling.
I turned to look Frankie dead in the eye, while a tear just broke over the edge of mine.
Really? Frankie asked with a mix of curiosity and concern.
Yeah. I admitted and turned to stare at the floor in case I started to cry more. I just figured it out this morning while I wasOww!
I jerked my arm back from Frankie. He looked confused before I punched him in his.
Oww! Frankie shouted and grabbed his shoulder. Why did you punch me?
Why did you pinch me? I rubbed at the sore spot on my forearm.
That shouldnt have hurt you.
In what world does pinching someone not hurt? I couldnt trust myself not to hit him again so I scooted further down the bed. Does your arm hurt?
Yes. Frankie whined. But I am not a Changeling.
Frankies mouth stopped midway and fell back open. I saw the light dawn on him at long last.
You dont know what that means do you? He flung up his hands in a futile attempt to stop me from grabbing the front of his shirt and shaking him.
That is what I have been saying for days! I shouted in his face.
You said you just found out this morning. Frankie pointed out and I shook him some more. Okay. Okay!
I let him go, some of my frustration spent. He pushed his heavy glasses back up his nose and looked at me thoughtfully.
I thought you knew all this stuff. I raised my hand back up at him and his words tripped over each other in haste to come out. Changelings are supposed to be highly resistant to physical pain.
What? I sat back down, happy to finally get answers from him. Why?
I dont know why. Back in the day humans who found out their children had been replaced by Changelings would apparently torture the creat. Frankie looked at me and regrouped, They would torture the Changeling until the Fey that took their child brought it back. They started making them tougher so that wouldnt happen, I guess.
Well maybe that doesnt work when the parents already have the kid back. I tried not to let my voice crack with sorrow.
Never heard of that happening. Frankie scratched his head. But they dont usually say what they do with a Changeling once they take it back. Maybe theyre recycled.
I had to push that gruesome thought out of my mind. I was having a difficult enough time with what little I already knew. I didnt want to speculate on what future I might still have in store.
So what else do you know about Changelings? I realized that if I had actually taken time to read the rest of the article that Mr. Lucian had pointed out to me, I might not have needed to have this conversation with Frankie.
Do you have all your teeth? Frankie squinted at my mouth.
Yes. I self-consciously sucked my lips in.
Hold still. Frankie stood up and faced me. He extended his pointer fingers and touched one to each of my temples, then touched his thumbs together. He then did the same to my shoulders. It was difficult not to squirm while he was so close. Your head isnt disproportionate to your body.
Thank you? I didnt know how to take that one.
Usually they are. Frankie pursed his lips. What is the square root of one thousand seven hundred and sixty four?
I dont know that.
Changelings are normally highly intelligent.
Do you know it? I shot back feeling insulted.
No, but once again, I am not a Changeling. Frankie pointed out. Are you sure about this?
Its the only thing that makes any sense. I sagged. I mean why else?
The tears started to creep in again and I sucked them back. Crying wouldnt change anything, I told myself.
I could ask my mom about it. Frankie brightened up. She knows about this stuff.
I dont think we need to. My words fell on deaf ears. Frankie was already on his feet and racing for the closet door. He ran through and slammed it behind him. What are you doing?
I opened the door to find my clothes as the closets only occupant. I moved them around and searched every inch of the small space. Of Frankie there was no sign. I slowly backed into my room, not sure what to do or expect. Very gingerly I reached out and closed the door, then gave it a second before opening it again. Nothing had changed. No Frankie; just ugly winter jackets and outdated dresses. I closed the door and went over to my bed to sit down. I tried to tell myself that I wasnt cracking up but it was difficult to believe. People just didnt disappear into thin air. They didnt have horns either, an annoying voice pointed out.
Mom saysAh! Frankie screamed in response to the one that tore out of me as he suddenly burst back through the closet door. He nearly fell over in surprise to me being startled and jumping onto the bed.
Where did you come from? I shouted and pointed at the closet that I knew had not contained a Frankie a second ago. Where did you go?
Home. Frankie gave me a concerned look I told you that my mom might know something about all this stuff and I was right.
You went into my closet and disappeared. I took a deep breath to process and remember that some very unbelievable things had come to light recently as very much a reality. How did you do that?
What? Shadow Shift? Frankie said it like it was the most common thing in the world. What? Walk? Breathe? It was frustrating to no end.
Is that what you call disappearing into thin air without a trace? I spat out.
I would call that evaporating. Frankie ducked the pillow I threw at his head. I didnt disappear. I went home to talk to my mom and came right back.
How did you do it? I spoke the words very slowly, enunciating each syllable.
Shadow Shifting. Frankie answered just as slowly.
And what is that? Speaking slow was going to be annoying but it seemed to work.
It is how all Crouchers travel. I looked at Frankie expectantly for more. It is hard to explain how it works. I can try to show you. It is real easy to do once you get the hang of it. I have been doing it since I was five.
Frankie was all calm happy smiles as he held up his hand to me. His cheerful confidence was infectious and it wore away at my fear and anger. My distrust was still intact so I didnt actually turn my hand over to him until we were standing before my closet.
Just hold on tight. Frankie squeezed my hand and gave me a smile. We dont want a repeat of last time.

Exciting stuff, I know. Probably confusing out of context but that can't be helped. I chose this scene because it encompasses a lot of Lucy and Frankie's relationship for the first few books but caught in its infancy. The series is called the Complications of Being Lucy and one of Lucy's biggest complications in the beginning is her friendships, or lack there of. Frankie is a stranger that has not had his social skills blunted by jaded individuals or bullies. He is young and optimistic and the opposite of Lucy who is paranoid and closed off. And as much as she would love to stay that way, situations beyond her control and understanding have forced Lucy to open herself up to the possibility of trusting another. It is not an easy transition for either one of them, and at times causes more trouble and misunderstandings than good. But the soul of the book is their connection and how it grows and shapes both them and the world around them and this, for me, is where that connection, their journey, truly begins. I hope you join them on this journey.

I hope everyone has enjoyed this guest blog from author Gus Kenney and the sample from The Changeling And The Cupboard. Here's a little description for the books in this series! Please take a look at them and get your copy of The Changeling And The Cupboard today. Start the series and get to know these wonderful characters. 

Lucy was never afraid of the dark. She never questioned her family. She never thought that the world of logic and science could be a lie. But on her ninth birthday everything changed when a strange boy came into her life from the very lands she was forbidden from ever entering and she finds herself immersed in a conspiracy that was created before she was born. Her reality is shattered by the existence of magic and things of legend. The bonds of family are tested by a lifetime of deception and the truth of who she actually is, becomes the least of Lucy’s torments. For someone has unleashed a nightmare, and Lucy, her family, and her new friends, are soon on the run from a creature that even darkness fears.

A nightmare is just a dream in the light of day. 

Lucy was used to everyone hiding things from her. Now she is the one forced to hide. The Changelings have been discovered and to save herself, Lucy must slip into the life of a creature who shares her nightmares. With her family scattered in search for answers and her only friend powerless to help, all alone Lucy must guard her heart from the world she always longed for and from the people that want her dead. But how can you fight the agony of your dreams and the secrets buried in your own blood. 

Book Three is due out in July!

Sever all ties.

Lucy is a pawn. A dark means to a deadly end.

An enemy, burning with centuries of betrayal, has made the opening move to shatter an already divided empire. His first step, the slaying of one of Lucy's guardians. Broken with grief and compelled by rage, Lucy embarks on a journey of vengeance to the shadowed and forgotten corners of the five lands. With those she has left by her side, sacrifices will be made to bring her closer to retribution but only if she doesn't succumb to the manipulations of a ruthless enemy first.

Take a peek into the book Traitor's Neice by going to 
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