Friday, 30 May 2014

#itstime for new #releasealert and news of my Featured author for June - Kenneth Lim

I have been working tirelessly on the sequel to Glass Half Full: Our Australian adventure over the last few months and now it's almost release time.
As an Indie author, still learning my craft there are, and have been, challenges along the way. I feel blessed to have made some amazing friends and colleagues on my writing journey, who not only inspire and motivate me but who also provide constructive critique and advice when it is needed. An authors life, particularly as they approach releasing a new title, is all consuming and solitary at times. I feel the need to apologise to my friends and family, and in particular my husband Nigel who has become a book widow over the last few weeks. I want to improve in everything that I do and I strive to achieve a book that we can both be proud of, as it is again our story.

Two dogs and a suitcase: Clueless in Charente is an honest, warts and all, account of our French adventure.
To reveal the inner most secrets of family life for public scrutiny is nerve racking. However, without honesty you cannot hope to inspire others to follow and achieve their dreams, as we have.
Anyway enough of my sleep deprived ramblings.

I am excited to announce my Featured author for June - Kenneth Lim. I first met Kenneth in 2013 on Authonomy and admire his work immensely.

Kenneth worked as a correspondent for a radio station in Manila under martial law, raised bees for honey in the bush of Pontiac, Quebec, did research on the life of native artist Benjamin CheeChee who hanged himself in a jail cell in Ottawa on his birthday, and authored a short-lived cartoon strip called "Grouse Mountain Poet" for the Vancouver Sun. He also sold books, residential tax shelters and uniform rental packages. He is currently poised to teach English as a second language, possibly in the Far East.
The North Korean is one of several literary projects in his funnel.

I have a extra blog feature starting in June which focuses on memoir authors from the Facebook group We Love Memoirs. To start us off we have Alan Parks author of Seriously mum, What's an alpaca? and Seriously mum, Where's that donkey?

I hope you will stop by to read my interview with Kenneth Lim and Alan Parks over the next few days.

Keep reading, keep reviewing and feel free to contact me.

Sarah Jane

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