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I have a treat for you today! My guest blog is from the very talented Patrica Mattern as she tempts you with some excerpts and an insider exclusive on my blog!

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FULL MOON SERIES is an award winning ,Amazon  international bestselling series by P.Mattern/M/Mattern/J.C.Estall. It is a YA contemporary paranormal series consisting currently of five books and a companion novel!

Book One World of Azglen
Book Two Congregation of Darkness
Book Three Full Moon Falling Faster
Book Four A Quanta of Magick
Book Five Roue of the Dragon, and companion novel
Byron Chance:The Darkly Erotic Life of a Dhampir

Cass Noble, though he has a fraternal twin brother Lux, is definitely swoon worthy and considered the Alpha male of the series. He is gorgeously ripped,with a finely planed face, dark curly hair and a magnetic  panty dampening smile. He is fiercely protective of his entire clan, brutal in battle,romantic and appreciative of all females in every phylum, particularly humans.
…Did I mention he is a vampire?

“I  choose my vices carefully, and rarely indulge in them. I choose my virtues carefully as well, and never indulge in them at ALL.”
“That which is strong can never be broken. I have tasted your blood and your heart beats in my veins now. Our connection is eternal because I have not only loved you with my immortal body…I have CONSUMED you.”
“The incomprehensible intimacies of blood and venom create the strongest bond. It is beyond love, beyond time ,and beyond all human passions.”
"Of course I am going to tease Lux mercilessly about his new 'Moonlight' gig! That's what brothers do! And when he transforms into a slathering were wolf that wants to eat our faces off I'll take pics with my cell phone so that I can torture him with them forever!"

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Watch the book trailer here!



The sounds of the country dance in progress seemed far off and distant as Cass Noble and the girl from the neighboring farm looked at each other,both of their hearts pounding. Many of the partiers gathered in the barn next door had traveled over two hours to get to the Autumn Dance,traditionally held on the Nobles' farm as a harvest celebration.
Cass and the pretty flaxen haired girl had found a quiet spot in one of the outbuildings. Once used for horses until a new barn was raised ,it now housed extra hay bales and farm equipment.
It was the first time Cass had been alone with a girl, though he was half past his 15th birthday.
"So," the girl whose name was Kirsti said in a soft voice," Do you like me Castor Noble?"
"Very much," Cass answered. In his mind she was the most beautiful young girl at the fall dance. Her eyes were the clearest blue he had ever seen, and her hair shone in the light of the
Oil lamps like burnished gold and lips were a tantalizing deep rose color.
Cass felt a stirring in his loins that couldn't be denied. He simply had to touch her.
Breathless and fearing rejection he lowered his head to press his lips to hers. Her lips were soft, much softer than he had imagined.
Rather than resist his overtures Kirsti pressed against him. For the first time he felt the press of her young breasts against his chest, and it caused a pleasant warmth to course through him as his own body responded.
Now his lips had covered hers, and he felt her tongue joining his in a passionate exchange that connected them and made it impossible for him to tell where one of them left off and the other began.
Instinctively, as she moaned softly,his right hand drifted downward and up under her skirt.
Caressing the skin on the back of her thigh was intoxicating. In his rough world of crop tending and farm chores, softness was at a premium.
Without speaking,they sank down slowly onto the carpet of hay they had been standing on, Cass maneuvering himself so that he was over her but not in top of her. Her breathing was coming faster , just as his was, her breasts heaving, the swells of them straining against the thin material of her bodice.Gently and still kissing her mouth, he placed one hand over her breast.
It was more softness.The ache in his groin became even more uncomfortable, and this time he involuntarily moaned deeply in his throat. be continued!

Excerpt from Full Moon Series: Behind Closed Doors
Copyright by P.Mattern 2016 all rights reserved
Find out more in the Book Showcase at Rukia Publishing


You can message Author P. Mattern on her 
A COPY OF BOOK ONE In Full Moon Series

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A Journey of Self Discovery Preorder Review Tour~'East-A Novel' by @PeriHoskins #travel in #Aus #RPBP #ASMSG

East-A Novel
By Peri Hoskions
Preorder Now
End of August Release
‘About ‘East – A Novel'
It’s 1994. Junior lawyer, Vince Osbourne, leaves behind a small, mean and viciously circular life in the city representing petty criminals and takes to the road. He’s lived 30 years. The wide continent of Australia is out in front. He’s almost young. Where will the road lead?

East takes in sunsets; rain in the desert; a five-year-old girl on a bike; a battered former thief and jockey; old-timers; young lovers; beautiful women, and aboriginals in public bars. The open road connects many vignettes making a rich tapestry of human encounters.

East is poignant, gritty, funny, sad and above all: human. Hoskins’ laconic prose captures the harsh, arid country in all its big, empty beauty along with quirky exchanges with strangers, travel buddies, shop assistants, workmates, and friends old and new. A journey without and within, East taps into the spiritual realm that lies beneath this land and its people.

(#travel & Adventure, #Travel, #Aus, #RPBP, #preorder, #ebook, #NewRelease)
~Pre-release review~
​A Journey of Self Discovery
This intriguing book is based on the author’s personal memoirs and although it is described as fiction it feels very, very real.
Vince has reached a stage at 30 when he wants to break free from a life that seems to be suffocating him. He has been working as a junior lawyer but needs to do something different and this book tells of his travels towards the East of Australia.
His journey draws you along with him as he discovers himself and realises that he can achieve so much more than he previously thought possible. He settles in places with people from his past that he sees in a new light, along with their prejudices.
Then there are the long and testing journeys across the deserts of Australia, meeting a fascinating mix of people along the way. Vince’s observations on the Aboriginal people, being of Maori origin himself, are extremely revealing. The back breaking work he takes on in a mine, to earn some extra money, couldn’t be further removed from his previous work as a lawyer.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys travel writing and journeys of self-discovery. ~Robert Fear 8.10.16
~Enjoy Chapter One From East~
The bonnet in front of me is big and white. Rain on the windscreen – the wipers sweep it away. The clouds are grey, the road is grey, the suburbs are grey and I am leaving. There is joy in that. I’m leaving it behind – a life – small, petty, viciously circular. Out in front is the road and I don’t know where it will end. I am free. I’m almost young.

A beginning. Renewal pulses in my blood, pumping out from my heart, through my veins, feeding me, making me new again, a keenly conscious being reaching out to the uncertainty. This road will lead me to places that I have not seen – to people I have not met. There’s no place I have to be and no time I have to be there.

I drive on and on leaving the city far behind. The rain clears. Sunlight glints on wet grass and trees. I see farmhouses, fences and cows. The gnawing in my belly eases as I’m gently enveloped by the freedom of the great mystery now upon me. The shackles of the old life fall away, for I’m shedding a skin – dry, worn, old and scaly. I found the courage to step into the dream. And the dream has become real.

The life of a suburban lawyer is behind me. Small decisions. Small repetitions. Which tie to wear today. Pay the electricity bill. Sunday – iron five shirts for the week ahead. See the same people. Say the same things. Hear the same things said. In that life I wondered whether I had it better than the petty criminals I represented in court. Some had no job and no home. They pleaded guilty and I said what I could say, for something had to be said. And then the court, that street-sweeper of humanity, tidied them away. For there must be a place – there must be somewhere for them to go: a prison, a halfway house, a drug rehab centre. There must be a place for everyone – somewhere. These people had fallen through cracks and become untidy. Did they envy my tidy life, those that I helped to tidy away? Did they see my life as I saw it – not a tidy life, but a tidy prison?

Tidiness. I had been taught to lead a tidy life. What was it they had said – the teachers, the headmasters? Work hard at school. Get a good job. Be a good employee. Pay your taxes. Mow your lawns. Be a good neighbour. Be a good citizen. Lead a tidy life. Not a full life, a varied life, a great life – no, a tidy life of small neat circles. I have lived thirty years.

As the trees and houses and petrol stations whistle by, the reasons for leaving once again crowd my mind. At thirty, life no longer stretches out before me like an uncharted great ocean. If I live to be eighty, more than one third of my life is spent. Where am I? At a time of life when I’m supposed to be somewhere – I’m nowhere I ever wanted to be. I’ll taste the last drops of youth before the cup passes from my lips, forever. The familiar yearning claws at my insides again – but it’s different now – it’s happy knowing I have been true to it – finally.

The yearning … a murmur in a corner of my soul ... that’s how it started … a couple of years ago ... I pushed it away. I was busy; there were things to do. It kept coming back, stronger and stronger: a growing gnawing that would not be denied. The day I turned thirty, I came to know what it was, finally. It was the feeling of having missed my destiny. At one of life’s important junctures, I don’t know when or where, I’d taken the wrong turn.

So maybe that’s what it is: a journey back down life’s highway to try and find the turn I missed. A journey to reconnect with who I am and what I should be doing here – in this life. Did I ever really want to be a lawyer? Maybe I did it because my father didn’t finish law school. Maybe I did it for him, and not for me. Didn’t have the courage to find my destiny and follow it … settled for safety and caution. And the small repetitions of the safe life had closed in and were suffocating me. Don’t know if that’s what it is … I had to go – I know that much … it was the most honest thing I could do. And now it’s real: this journey with no end and no decided route. It’s a big country. Yeah, I’ll head east ... And in my travels maybe I’ll find something of the soul of this land and its people ...

I have been at the wheel for four hours. The muscular movements needed to keep the car on course have become automatic. My thoughts drift freely now, first to the future – new, pregnant with possibility – before anchoring in my childhood. I recall a long-buried idea – from a time of wonder at a world full of possibilities. As a child I thought I could see into people, a kind of second sight.

Memories flow into my mind – sharp, clear, focused. I see things now as I saw things then. I am a small boy sitting in the passenger seat of a car. My father is driving. We approach an intersection. A policeman is standing in the middle directing traffic. He signals the car in front to stop. The policeman fascinates me – his neat blue uniform, high black boots, long white gloves – his precise hand signals. He makes cars stop and go by moving his hands like the man who made the puppets move at the fairground. The gloved hands move and the cars obey, crossing the intersection, slowly and respectfully passing the uniformed man.

From above I hear the noise of a plane. In the eye of my mind as a child I see the silver wings and fuselage. The policeman’s eyes turn skyward to the plane I see clearly in the window of my imagination. The officer’s long-gloved hands slowly fall to rest at his heavy belt. Cars bank up at the intersection. The driver in front looks at him for directions but he gives none. Unconscious of the traffic, his attention is focused in the sky above. The face of the policeman loses form and I see into him. First I feel his discomfort in the hot uniform, the dryness in his throat and the tiredness behind his eyes. Gradually my perception deepens. I sense the numbed heart, the thwarted ambitions – the hopes and dreams unrealized and gone awry. He doesn’t want to be here, directing traffic. The past has cheated him. He is disconnected from the present and fearful of the future.

A car horn honks from behind. A driver doesn’t know why the traffic is not moving. The policeman’s eyes return to the traffic, his arms snapping up with military precision. As he waves us on, the look of purpose clothes his face once again and the moment of seeing into him has passed.

The second sight would come to me without warning and always just for a fleeting moment or two. I would see my mother trying to hide an emotion or catch my father unguarded, looking into the distance. In the moment of second sight the physical would melt – the body become transparent and amorphous. Instead of seeing the person I would see into the person – reach inside to the heart, sense the fears, touch the dreams – see the humanity, raw and struggling.

~About The Author~
Peri Hoskins is the author of 'Millennium – A Memoir’, a travelogue memoir that has received many five star reader reviews.
Christopher Moore of the New Zealand Listener had this to say about ‘Millennium – A Memoir’:
'Written with perhaps the merest of bows to Joseph Conrad and Robert Louis Stevenson, the book’s colourful cast of characters come together to greet the dawn of the 21st century. It’s a vigorously written sly-humoured account of human encounters in a small place lapped by the tides of change…It’s a genial well observed book that insinuates itself into the affections.’

~Christopher Moore, New Zealand Listener, 2 August 2014.

​Peri Hoskins was born in Wellington, New Zealand. He is the second son of a family of five children, four boys and a girl. He is of mixed Maori and Anglo-Celtic ancestry. Peri grew up in Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand, a provincial city then home to about 30,000 people. He was educated at Whangarei Boys’ High School where he twice won a national essay competition. After completing high school and winning the school prizes for English, History and Geography, Peri went to Auckland University where he studied law and the humanities, including history and English literature.

Peri was substantially based in Australia between 1985 and 2005. He completed his study of law and the humanities at the University of Sydney including several courses in philosophy. He worked as a lawyer in New South Wales before embarking on a 1994 five-month road trip all around Australia. This road trip comprises the material for his soon to be published second book, East. Peri subsequently worked as a lawyer in both New South Wales and Queensland, and developed his current specialisation in legal work – civil litigation. In December 1999 Peri travelled to the Kingdom of Tonga to be in the first country in the world to see in the new millennium. The diary of his three weeks in Tonga has become his first book, Millennium – A Memoir. In 2004 Peri completed a post graduate diploma in film and television production at Queensland University of Technology.
Peri now lives, writes and works as a barrister (being a self-employed lawyer) in Northland, New Zealand.

You can connect With Peri Hoskins here:

 Read an interview with author Peri Hoskins here:
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GIVEAWAY NEWS! Enter the Brownie Boo Boggan Giveaway from author Lynn Cooper #RPBP

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Sarah Jane takes a look inside 'East' the upcoming release from Peri Hoskins #RPBP

Inside sneak preview of East by Peri Hoskins

Hello everyone and welcome to a special guest blog featuring Peri Hoskins and his upcoming new release ‘East.’ 
As someone who has lived in Australia, I was intrigued to find out about the experiences portrayed in this book which the author describes a work of literary fiction based on his personal memoirs.
In this special feature I am going to take a closer look at a chapter that particularly captured my attention because it touches on aboriginal culture and justice, something I experienced first hand living and working in Outback Australia. As the chapter also takes place in a camping environment which was one of my favourite pastimes in Australia I was keen to absorb the way the author decribed the settings. 
Before we begin if you haven’t heard about ‘East’ yet then here is the overview. (Be sure to get involved in the special 3 day release blast book blog tour coming soon - check out the link below)

Join the tour at

Introducing East by Peri Hoskins

‘About ‘East – A Novel'

It’s 1994. Junior lawyer, Vince Osbourne, leaves behind a small, mean and viciously circular life in the city representing petty criminals and takes to the road. He’s lived 30 years. The wide continent of Australia is out in front. He’s almost young. Where will the road lead? East takes in sunsets; rain in the desert; a five-year-old girl on a bike; a battered former thief and jockey; old-timers; young lovers; beautiful women, and aboriginals in public bars. The open road connects many vignettes making a rich tapestry of human encounters. East is poignant, gritty, funny, sad and above all: human. Hoskins’ laconic prose captures the harsh, arid country in all its big, empty beauty along with quirky exchanges with strangers, travel buddies, shop assistants, workmates, and friends old and new. A journey without and within, East taps into the spiritual realm that lies beneath this land and its people.

“East is a literary road trip combining culture and human nature." Quote from ARC reader Samantha Parker look out for Samantha's full review coming soon to the Rukia Publishing reader review page on our website.

As a privileged advance reader of East I wanted to share with you an insight which for me was captured in the chapter titled ‘At The Edge and In -Between.’

The chapter is set on a stretch of Australian coastline where Vince and Dan have stopped to camp for the night. Looking out over the Pacific Ocean they meet a colourful character called Ted who is out fishing. In conversation they soon realise that the three of them are camping at the same site that night. They end up spending the evening with Ted listening to tales from his chequered past, eating bread and jam with cups of tea before moving onto drinking port.
It is during this exchange, once the flagon of port starts to be consumed that some topics of conversation arise involving aboriginal culture and the introduction of alcohol, justice and relationships. This piqued my interest as it reminded me of my time in Outback Australia.
Ted reminds Vince of his grandfather, a bushman. The chapter gives the reader a fly on the wall opportunity to experience the conversation. Ted reveals details about how before government intervention aboriginal families could work and live on outback stations and although only one or two of them would actually be employed and paid for the work they did the family had a home and use of the station. The government wanting to ensure that people who worked got paid made station owners unable to then house the family members and so they ended up sitting around drinking alcohol in nearby communities which then led to increased alcohol related problems such as violence and crime. It is the story of one of these crimes committed by an aboriginal against a member of the white community that the author portrays to demonstrate how both black and white man’s justice was perceived and carried out.
Apart from it being the story of a personal journey encountering an array of people, places and experiences which will hold the interest of the reader from the outset, it cleverly connects the you with the emotions, inner most thoughts and perceptions of the author, as it is based on his memoirs.
I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in Australian travel and culture, who enjoys a well-crafted novel.

I hope you enjoy it and be sure to leave a review for the author.
Thanks for reading,
Sarah Jane

East is due for release on 31st August 2016.
Connect with the author and Rukia Publishing for release updates and don’t forget you can get a free copy of Peri Hoskins first book, ‘Millennium: A Memoir’ FREE by clicking here.

Meet Peri Hoskins here and find all of his social media and online bookstore links.

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Book News: Exclusive Pedigree - Countdown To Release Day! #RPBP #ASMSG

Countdown To Release Day!
7th August 2016

Hello everyone, 
If you love memoirs then I have news of a new release which I think you will love. I am fortunate to have been granted an advance reader copy from Rukia Publishing Author Robert Fear as we assist Robert to make his new book Exclusive Pedigree available on pre-order via expanded distribution.

You will be able to read the ARC reviews from the Rukia Review team here and on the Review page of the Rukia Publishing website over the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime if you want to know more about the book and how it came to be written then be sure to check our Robert's Book Showcase  at Rukia Publishing.

It has an intriguing title, so what's it about?


John Fear was born into a religious sect known as the Exclusive Brethren. This sheltered him from the outside world as he grew up, but could not hide him from its influences. A struggle began in his mind that led him to leave the Brethren, along with his young family.
This is a story that was always meant to be told. During his later life John Fear had prepared a lot of the book, along with notes for chapters that he knew would not be completed. It is only now, over twenty years later, that the book is finally being published. It contains original content written by John, along with diary notes, letters and magazine articles. The final chapters are written by his second eldest son, Alastair. The memoir is introduced and edited by his eldest son, Robert, as a tribute to his father’s amazing life.
Great intro, so much is said in just a few words.  The author has put lots of feeling into it too.  A quality presentation.  Excellent cover, excellent photos, chapter titles and accuracy.  Lovely evocative writing.
Well, thank heaven that Robert Fear decided to publish his father's gem of a book!  This is not to be missed - I simply couldn't put it down!  John Fear certainly had an entertaining command of the English language and tells a wonderful tale of his life.
There is great variety from cosy family memories to horrific scenes in a coup. A variety of techniques are used to portray this memoir - diary entries, a telegram, and letters.  I like the travel aspect to this memoir too - I wasn't expecting it.
A fantastic book. A wonderful and powerful tribute."

Julie Haigh - Top 1000 Reviewer

Pre-order Exclusive Pedigree: Amazon

More links coming soon!

To find out more about author Robert Fear click here

Connect with Author Robert Fear and his books:

Author Website

Twitter handle:

Facebook page(s):

Talk soon,
Sarah Jane

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An #AfricanAdventure~#FaunaParkTales by @@MarethMBotha #childrens #ebooks are #Free this weekend! #RPBP

Flame and Hope, Friends & The Orphans' Plight

Flame and Hope
"Flame and Hope:An African Adventure" is the first book of the series called "Fauna Park Tales" based on "African Adventures of Flame, Family, Furry and Feathered Friends", a GOLD MEDAL WINNER on Authonomy, supported by HarperCollins. The following is an excerpt from the HarperCollins Children's Editor Review:

"A vivid and engaging world of animal characters . . . the use of cleverly animalised verbs is very creative – Dolly Cat's 'whispurr'. The exploration of interrelationships between animals is a very successful topic in the children's literature genre, and you have created some great personalities – the stubborn goat 'Plump-Grump' and the conceited 'His Handsomeness, King Rat' being some of my favourites . . . "

Life takes strange turns for Flame, a puppy born in the African desert. Adopted by a free-range cattle farmer, the pup faces the challenge of proving himself to more than one of his new family. As Flame grows into a strong and brave dog, he finds friendship with many loyal furry and feathered friends who teach him to keep The Promise – protecting the helpless ones in Fauna Park, a secret sanctuary within the boundaries of the farm. One of his feathered friends is Hope, an elusive bird with strange pink eyelids who tells stories about a tall leader and his gang of villainous poachers, ups and downs of life in the bush and Flame's ingenious plans to banish foes to the Llokodi Hills.

These stories are perfect to be read before bedtime to younger children. Preteens will enjoy escaping into an imaginary world where many bush creatures always have hope that everything ends well when the sun goes down.

"Friends: An African Adventure" is the second book of the series called "Fauna Park Tales" based on "African Adventures of Flame, Family, Furry and Feathered Friends", a GOLD MEDAL WINNER on Authonomy, supported by HarperCollins.

The Orphans' Plight
"The Orphans’ Plight: An African Adventure is the third book of the series called "Fauna Park Tales" based on the original African Adventures of Flame, Family, Furry and Feathered Friends, a GOLD MEDAL WINNER on Authonomy, supported by HarperCollins.

"Bad humans are disturbing the peace in Molodi valley, and two small orphans are in danger. One of them, Larita, speaks the bush creatures' language – Faunalang – a rare and wonderful talent that they want to use. Alone in the desert, who will help them? Young and old will enjoy reading about the furry and feathered friends' latest thrilling adventures, when Molodi's bush creatures meet friends and foes in their quest to stick to The Promise to protect helpless ones in Fauna Park. Plump-Grump, the stubborn goat, and his harem do their bit, but what will happen at the farm while Flame and his friends are on a dangerous mission? His Handsomeness, King Rat returns, but is he a friend or foe?"

Start This Wonderfully Illustrated Series Today! Get All Three of these Children's Stories for FREE! 
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Release Day News From Author Chris Stoesen! #RPBP Featured Author

Hello everyone and welcome to a special new release announcement.
Chris Stoesen, a featured author at Rukia Publishing has a new release today and I know this book has been eagerly awaited by the fans of  CSS Appomattox: A Thomas Devareaux Alternative History Military Adventure (The Thomas Sumter Devareaux Series Book 1)

His new release: 

The Last Airship from Khartoum: A Thomas Devareaux Alternative History Military Adventure (The Thomas Sumter Devareaux Series Book 2) is available now

Old Enemies are closing in. Richmond sends them away. Will Devareaux find disaster or glory over the skies of Khartoum? 

The Last Airship from Khartoum begins with old enemies attempting to settle a score with Thomas Devareaux and his former crew. From Virginia to South Carolina to Cairo and Sudan, Devareaux and his company fight for their lives. 
Just when they believe that they have the upper hand, the President of the Confederacy, James L Kemper, sends Devareaux halfway across the globe to support the British in their fight against the Mahdi's siege of Khartoum. He and his men are not only caught in the crossfire of political ambitions, they are enemy targets. 

Will Devareaux find disaster or glory in the skies above Africa? The Last Airship from Khartoum is a work of alternative history. The action takes place in the air, over sea, and on land as these heroes battle to defend their country. 

To find out more about Chris and his books visit his Book Showcase and Meet the Author pages at Rukia Publishing on the links below.

Book showcase click here
Meet the Author click here

Please share the news to support an indie author.

Thank you for reading and feel free to congratulate Chris in the comments below.

Have a great weekend of reading,

Sarah Jane